This photo was taken on Friday, 17 March before registration. After a huff-and-puff walk from our hotel to the doorstep of the Performing Arts Technology Studio in Surrey University where the conference takes place, needed to catch my breath before stepping into the foyer!



After registration and in the foyer, it was with great pleasure for me to take a photo with Steve Goss (a world-renowned composer and guitarist, Director of IGRC and the organiser of this conference).


At the foyer, I met this very nice young man David Cotter and Jan de Kloe (the author of many books – e.g. ‘Boris Perott – A Life with the Guitar’ and also the music engraver for Chanterelle Verlag and Editions Ophee).


It is at the foyer that I met Graham Wade (Graham needs no introduction as he is known from all his books especially on Andres Segovia and Joaquin Rodrigo) and his wonderful wife, Susan, not realising that he would be chairing my lecture-recital.


Here is my stuff for sale at the conference.


Photos with Tilman Hopstock after his fabulous concert, with my wife Evelyn doing a selfie and Aberto Mesirca joined in too.

20160319_212934    20160319_212947   20160319_213020

During the break, having tea and with another delegate Dr Dario van Gammeren, whose talk on ‘The Classical Guitar in the interwar Netherlands’ was really interesting to me. Here are some of the delegates in a group photo (front – Evelyn Cheong, Sam Brown; second row – Dimitri van Halderen, Simon Cheong, David Cotter, Gilbert Biberian and partner, Milton Mermikides (Deputy Director of IGRC and organiser), Steve Goss, Diane Edmundson and Graham Wade, wife was taking this photo!; back row – Pedro Rodrigues & wife, Lars Frandsen, Ted Edmundson and Yiannis Efstathopoulos.

20160321_131655                20160323_152222

Had photos (seen here) with Maurice Summerfield (former owner of Classical Guitar magazine), Vincent Lindsey-Clark (guitarist and composer of ‘Five Pictures of Sark’) and Gilbert Biberian (guitarist and composer).


20160319_203923           20160320_143328            20160323_151800

And finally here are two photos of Eve & I at Covent Garden and Buckingham Palace.

20160313_093216        20160313_142559

by Simon Cheong