Welcome to Simon Cheong’s Website

I am pleased that you are visiting and hope that you will find what you are looking for here. I am basically a guitar teacher and have been doing so for over 30 years and I have taught in various institutions throughout the years. Apart from teaching in various music shop schools and privately, I had also lectured on a part time basis for 20 years with University Technology Mara and a few years with Malaysia Institute of Arts.

As a performer, I had a last performance for the British Council here in Malaysia in 1985 before I stopped performing and for a short while ventured into business but discovered that I was not a businessman. I then concentrated on my teaching. In 2004, I started an ensemble with my students and played a minor role in the group to try and get back to practicing and performing. It was a long road, although I played minor roles in concerts, it was only in 2007 (after more than 20 years) that I had played solo for 15 minutes and then in 2012, a half an hour stint! At the beginning of 2014 on January 26, I played a one hour recital! Well… I hope to carry on playing recitals and continue improving my skills as a performer…

In this website, I will try to share my thoughts and experiences as well as be an archive of my own career with lots of photos and maybe even videos…you are welcome to view and share in my thoughts and experiences…







John Duarte – Variation on a Malaysian song op.125 (world premiere recording)